The man known as TP

Sir George Trevelyan, the New Age pioneer, called TP: 'Undoubtedly one of the great seers and adepts of this epoch.'
  Rosamond Lehmann, the celebrated novelist, said: Obviously he was a master.'

More testimonies came from various people and places.

  • Helen Degler (Germany): 'He was one of God's Messengers, entrusted with a holy Mission on our planet'.
  • Simone Saint Clair (France): 'The world owes him a debt that will never be repaid'.
  • Rey d'Aquila (Holland): 'TP's life was glorified simplicity as a reflection of the Master's life'.
  • Ann Moray (America): 'W.T.P. is a beacon before us, and a path for our wandering feet'.

These last four opinions appeared in editions of The Messenger of Chalice Well following TP's departure in 1968 (departure, not death - he considered death a misleading and destructive concept.) 

Chalice Well is the garden site in Glastonbury bought for the nation in 1959 through his agency. That is probably what most people remember him for now, although some might value him for the books he published in the 1960's: The Silent Road (1960), A Man Seen Afar (1965), Writing On The Ground (1968).

All these activities, however, came towards the end of a long life. What about earlier times? What about his Family, the Cup, the Quest, the Great War, People and Places?

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  Text and research: Gerry Fenge