The Two Worlds Of Wellesley Tudor Pole

The chapters in this book are too substantial to reproduce in full, so shorter extracts are included to suggest some of TPs many facets: businessman, philanthropist, spiritual warrior, family man, raconteur, project manager, mystical author. 


The extract from Chapter 7, The War In The Spheres: 1920-25, tells of TPs business problems in the early Twenties and of the struggling people he tried to help, both in London and Communist Russia (with his Appeal for the Russian Clergy). The spiritual dramas behind all this are described, before he takes time off to give cheerful family bulletins and a farcical description of tea at the House of Commons. The Quest hovers behind all these events but it is too complex to go into here.

For the extract from Chapter 7: The War In the Spheres, click here


The extract from Chapter 8, Journeys Sacred and Secular: 1925-29, offers an account of TPs land reclamation work in Italy and the spiritual assistance given by Padre Pio. Some interesting glimpses of Mussolini are included. Back home, TP got into dispute with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over some dire prophecies, then set about trying to publish The Cosmic Touch, his lost work, where mystical experiences abound. (More information from this period can be found in Photo Gallery 6: People and Places.)

For the extract from Chapter 8: Journeys Sacred and Secular, click here