A few sidelights on 2012

All his adult life Wellesley Tudor Pole had been commenting on the approach of "the great onrushing of the Breath of God" or, to put it another way, the Second Coming. Close scrutiny of his writings suggests a 24 year periodicity in its progress, with 1916, 1940 and 1964 standing out as key years. It is interesting to keep adding 24 years: then you get to 1988 and 2012. TP, however, never mentioned 2012 and seemed to know nothing of it. Nonetheless, he appears to have been instinctively pointing towards it.


Here is what he wrote about 1916: "Rivers of Light were released and their 'waters' began pouring down... The process commenced and continued intermittently during 1916, 1917, 1918 and until spring 1919: after which something went wrong." (letter to David Russell, 13.12.20)

If we look at this carefully, we can see a two-part process. Firstly, Light breaks through in a key year and positive tendencies continue for three years or so; secondly, things start going wrong round about the fourth year. A glance at world history will show that this process did indeed take place.

In 1917, the Russian Revolution, initially an exercise in freedom, took place. In the same year, America entered the war, impelled by President Wilson's idealistic 'Fourteen Points'. In 1918, the war ended, setting Belgium and northern France free from German occupation, and setting many more countries free which had formerly been part of the Austrian and Ottoman empires.

However, in 1919 the world mood darkened, and the Treaty of Versailles became an exercise in revenge; simultaneously America refused to join Wilson's League of Nations; and the Bolsheviks, having mugged the Russian Revolution, intensified their campaign of religious persecution.


Here is what Tudor Pole wrote about 1940: "The Light that for so many years past has been gradually approaching human horizons has actually penetrated into our very midst. This is a momentous happening. Having watched the slow approach of this new illumination ever since I can remember, it seemed as if it might be held up indefinitely by the dark and obstructive conditions in Borderland, and by human opposition." ('The Light Is Come', 1940)

Once again, we can observe the two-part process taking place. Firstly, Light breaks through and positive results follow. In 1940 the miracles of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain forestalled invasion. In 1941, America entered the war, impelled by President Roosevelt's idealistic 'Four Freedoms', as, crucially, did Russia. In 1942 the tide decisively turned with the battles of Alamein, Midway and Stalingrad.

However, the second part of the process became observable from 1943 onwards, as Tudor Pole became increasingly concerned that Britain was losing its moral advantage through the intensive bombing campaign (especially on such places as Dresden); and Roosevelt's misreading of Stalin led eventually to the Iron Curtain and the semi-enslavement of Eastern Europe.


Here is what Tudor Pole wrote about 1964: "The aura of the coming Messenger has begun to penetrate our human atmosphere." (letter to Rosamond Lehmann, 30.11.64). Two years later he clarified what he felt had happened: "It is my belief that the 'Revealer of the Word', (the 'Christos') for the historic times in which we now live, has already descended into the invisibles spheres that surround our planet and that those with eyes to see and ears to hear can begin to discern the message he is bringing." ('The Advent Of The Word', 1966)

The message seems to have involved human freedom and planetary ecology, although there were many strands in the general ferment leading towards the 1967 'Summer of Love'. It must be remembered also that on the other side of the world, Mao's Cultural Revolution was galvanising young Chinese from 1966 onwards.

However, the Love turned to Confrontation in 1968 with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the student revolution in Paris, student shootings at Berkeley, Black Power demonstrations at the Mexico Olympics, and the 'Prague Spring' in Czechoslovakia (crushed by Soviet forces). Once again, the second, reactionary part of the process had followed.

That was not the end of it, though. In reality each two-part process had a third part, as the initial impetus continued in less spectacular but more durable fashion. Thus, for instance, the freedoms won in World War Two led step-by-step towards European union and the elimination of conflict from the entire Continent. Similarly, the legacy of the 1960s can be found all about us, be it in women's emancipation, rising ecological awareness or the Mind-Body-Spirit shelves in every bookshop.


Wellesley Tudor Pole left this planet in 1968 and was therefore unable to offer observations on subsequent years - unless we credit an article in 'Gatekeeper News' (Spring 1988), in which, via the channelling of Cynthia Sandys, he commented on the previous year's Harmonic Convergence: "We do thank you for the way in which you entered into the ceremony of convergence of the planets and the rays. The Tor was an example... the richness of colour, the depth and beauty of the music coming out of the hill... was so strong and conquering in its potential force... I have seen the same results taking place in many holy sites; Iona was redolent with glory and the old saints were seen and heard in many places."

If 1987/88 was a key time, then remarkable world events followed soon afterwards. Democracy sprang up all over Eastern Europe in 1989 under the influence of Gorbachev's 'glasnost', culminating in the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the official ending of the Cold War. In 1990 the release of Nelson Mandela brought healing to one of the most troubled places on the planet.

The 'adverse reaction' followed in 1992, with Milosevic-inspired Serbs attacking Sarajevo, the Taliban taking power in Afghanistan, America enmeshed in the Somali debacle and Hindu extremists demolishing the Ayodhya mosque.


If the 24 year cycle is followed, we arrive at 2012. What can the previous dates teach us about likely events? Positive results would seem likely for the first three or so years, culminating perhaps in a special year - maybe 2014 or 2015. Thereafter, we might expect reactionary events - maybe in 2015 or 2016. However, the initial impetus of 2012 is likely to continue, working its way amongst us in less spectacular, but more enduring, fashion.

That's how human history tends to go - a bit of this, a bit of that, culminating in some sort of synthesis.

However, things may be a bit more special on this occasion. TP wrote in 1964 that the aura of the coming Messenger had begun to penetrate our human atmosphere. If so, how soon might a physical appearance follow? TP continued, in the same letter: "before the first great Buddha made his earthly appearance his aura had preceded him by nearly twenty-five years of our time. And Jesus' by nearly half a century! However, 'time' is elastic and on the other hand can become condensed."(letter to Rosamond Lehmann 30.11.64)

Nearly twenty-five years (in Buddha's case) would be something like 24 years. Nearly half a century (in Jesus' case) would be something like 48 years. Consequently, we might wonder if the Coming Messenger could be born in either 1988 or 2012. Bearing in mind that "time… can become condensed", and bearing in mind also the rapid pace of contemporary change, we might suspect the earlier date (with the 'Messenger' being conceived, perhaps, during the Harmonic Convergence year of 1987 and born in 1988).

All speculation, of course, but it may be worth keeping our eyes and ears open.